Priyanka Chopra wears world's longest trench coat at Met Gala 2017

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Priyanka Chopra has a superpower, the ability to disarm the world in outfits unbelievably chic. Met Gala 2017 was held the previous evening, and think about who stole the show?- - the desi young lady Priyanka Chopra, who else. While the elegant occasion saw the who's and who of Hollywood strolling in their stylish and extravagant best, Priyanka Chopra showed up in a trench coat.

As confounding as it sounds, the exquisite yet-delightful Ralph Lauren trench-coat outfit was inconspicuously the most dribble commendable outfit on the great celebrity lane. After slayin' at the Oscars celebrity central throughout the previous two years, Priyanka has built up a skill for owing the global red floor coverings. The 34-year-old performer gave hotness another equivalent word by blending her twofold breasted front-opening trench-coat-outfit half and half with dark, high-best, high-heeled calfskin boots.

Additionally Read: Priyanka Chopra's mold diversion is doing awesome things to our eyes. The standing collars and simply the appropriate measure of cleavage show, was the ideal amalgamation of crude and attractive - the qualities Piggy Chops is best known for. With the dazzling outfit, Priyanka enhanced a couple of silver thick danglers, how might she not add that bit of excitement to her as of now past oomph furnish, isn't that so? As beautiful as the hoops were fundamentally, they didn't sit extremely well with Priyanka's look- - full stamps for the hazard included however.  Posturing for pictures with vocalist Nick Jonas, the bewitching on-screen character looked ultra-sure, and radiated her notorious appeal on the outside land.  PeeCee's trench-coat-outfit half and half is accepted to have the longest trench-coat trail continually, winning hearts and breaking records- - PeeCee, you're ablaze!

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