Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux results: Full analysis, reaction and winners

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Vasyl Lomachenko commanded Guillermo Rigondeaux in the headliner of an ESPN boxing card on Saturday. Lomachenko, the greater warrior, harassed an aloof Rigondeaux from the second round on. It was a peculiar battle, with the littler Rigondeaux for the most part holding his head down low, gobbling shots from higher up. Lomachenko was frequently disappointed with Rigondeaux, who got him always and who conveyed numerous low blows. Rigondeaux had a message understood away in the 6th, yet by at that point, he had officially gone a few rounds without assembling a solitary believable combo. Rigondeaux didn't turn out for the seventh round, with his corner asserting he was managing hand damage. it's particularly odd, as Rigondeaux is a standout amongst the most in fact skilled boxers on the planet. Be that as it may, he looked anything other than taught on Saturday, offering zero offense and no genuine protection against Lomachenko, a specialized ace in his own particular right. Saturday's session was the first occasion when that a couple of two-time Olympic gold medalists met as experts in the boxing ring. Rigondeaux won gold for Cuba in the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympics while Lomachenko won gold for Ukraine at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London recreations. In the night's co-highlight, Michael Conlan traveled to his first since forever consistent choice triumph as an expert. He was going up against Luis Fernando Molina, who hadn't been done going into Saturday's card and still hasn't currently that it's finished. Conlan was in charge the entire match, effortlessly winning a choice on every one of the judges' scorecards. Conlan, an Irish Olympian and 2012 London Olympics bronze medalist, enhanced to 5-0 as an expert, topping off a phenomenal year since handing master over Spring. Christopher Diaz proceeded with his extremely amazing streak, moving to 22-0 for his vocation with a predominant execution against Bryant Cruz. They battled second on the broadcast card, however the 10-round session just made it to the third, where the arbitrator called it early after the fourth knockdown of the match. Diaz endured just eating one especially powerful strike, and it was the first of the match. On the main battle of the transmission, 2016 Joined States Olympian Shakur Stevenson earned a moment round Technical knockout of Oscar Mendoza. Stevenson commanded the first round with compelling combos while engrossing alongside no harm. The stoppage was most likely untimely by the ref, as Mendoza was in no risk of going down, yet he'd offered so little in the method for offense that she decided to end the battle, giving Stevenson the second-round triumph. Mikaela Mayer, a 2016 Joined States Olympian, went professional this year and topped off her initially season with her third vocation win. She bested Nydia Feliciano on the undercard, winning a lion's share choice. Bryant Jennings was additionally successful on the pre-communicated undercard, beating Wear Haynesworth by means of third-round Technical knockout. A third match between Jose Gonzalez and Adan Gonzalez finished in a dominant part draw. The following are the full play-by-play comes about because of the broadcast card, and underneath that is a rundown of results for the entire night of battles. Vasyl Lomachenko def. Guillermo Rigondeaux by means of Technical knockout in Cycle 6 

Cycle 1: Lomachenko is beginning off extremely persistent, not hurrying into something risky from Rigondeaux. He paws all things considered, circumspectly. Rigondeaux just misses a major straight to the body. Lomachenko continues pawing the punch out there, attempting to test Rigondeaux's resistance. He almost interfaces with a short left to the face, yet Rigondeaux swims far from it. The round arrives at an end with no genuine shots landed. 

Cycle 2: The two contenders are waving their lead hand a considerable amount, moving it forward and backward, attempting to keep the other speculating. Lomachenko interfaces with a short all right endeavors to dodge away, yet it's not a substantial blow. They keep tying up, and the ref needs to isolate them. Right poke from Lomachenko lands, yet they are touching blows. They tied up and Rigondeaux thought they would have been isolated, and Lomachenko lands a major punch to the face. Rigondeaux looks to the official, asking why it happened that way, however they proceed. Lomachenko's lead right hand remains out there, touching Rigondeaux's face, yet nothing colossal. Rigondeaux has his hand behind Lomachenko's head, and he tries to uncork a major uppercut. Lomachenko thinks there was a foul, and closures the round with a flicking right hand that grounds flush on Rigondeaux's head. 

Cycle 3: Rigondeaux interfaces with a correct straight right on time in the round. Rigondeaux ties up, Lomachenko is getting baffled with the strategy, but at the same time he's triumphant (or ought to be). Lomachenko tries a hard right undercut, and afterward two all the more, yet Rigondeaux hinders each of the three. The round arrives at an end with minimal arrived from either. 

Cycle 4: It's difficult to envision Rigondeaux winning this session along these same lines. He's not landing anything, while Lomachenko is interfacing with the vast majority of his punches, regardless of whether they are inadequate in control. He's peppering the guarded warrior and not eating any counters. Rigondeaux's corner discloses to him he needs to accomplish more. He just misses with a correct uppercut. Rigondeaux continues dodging far, far down and Lomachenko hits him on the highest point of the head — the official cautions him about that. Be that as it may, Rigondeaux is doing almost no in the method for offense. That lead left keeps on arriving for Lomachenko. Right straight from Lomachenko snaps Rigondeaux's head back late in the round. 

Cycle 5: the greater part of Lomachenko's shots are originating from above as Rigondeaux is keeping his head low. Rigondeaux associates with a decent right straight, yet Lomachenko reacts with a short, quick combo to the head. They tie up a few times, a challenge isolated. Rigondeaux is cautioned for low blows. Lomachenko is standing tall while swinging low, low shots to the dodging Rigondeaux. It's sort of strange to see. The size distinction is unquestionably a factor here, however Rigondeaux isn't precisely effectively help his own motivation. 

Cycle 6: Lomachenko tosses and terrains a punch well after the chime, yet that is the sort of battle this is, obviously. Rigondeaux interfaces with a pleasant shot to the body, and they tie up once more. They independent, Lomachenko tosses a similar right hand six or seven times in succession while Rigondeaux keeps his head dodged, eating the short blows for apparently no reason. This is somewhat strange now. Does Rigondeaux essentially know he has nothing to offer, so he's simply battling this odd battle? It's difficult to tell. Rigondeaux is docked a point for various infringement, be it getting to low blows. Be that as it may, he hasn't assembled a solitary combo all battle, so it's not by any stretch of the imagination a major ordeal. Lomachenko strolls off a few seconds previously the finish of the round. 

Also, goodness, Rigondeaux is finished. He wouldn't like to continue battling. He throws in the towel and Lomachenko is triumphant. Stunning. Michael Conlan def. Luis Fernando Molina through consistent choice 

Cycle 1: Molina takes the focal point of the ring in the first place, and is skipping around significantly more. They trade a couple of one-two shots, which are all blocked. Conlan lands a solid left straight, and eats a fast left snare from Molina. Great appropriate to the body from Conlan as Molina wings a major overhand that misses. Molina comes in with a decent one-two combo to the body and gets Conlan against the ropes. Be that as it may, Conlan receives in return, and grounds a couple of right hands to the body. A dynamic round for the two boxers arrives at an end. 

Cycle 2: Conlan has more spring to his progression in the second, and he's turning out somewhat more forcefully. He keeps the correct hand hanging out there, and he peppers Molina with a progression of hits and short shots. He remains out of scope of a straight from Molina, and after that circles far from a major overhand from him also. Molina appears to be substance to eat the littler shots while endeavoring to swim in for a major overhand, however he hasn't verged on landing it. Pleasant short appropriate to the sanctuary from Conlan as Molina misses with another wide, wild snare. A greatly improved round for Conlan arrives at an end. 

Cycle 3: Decent right hand to the cheek from Conlan as Molina misses with a left snare. Molina wings another wild snare that misses, and they secure. The official isolates them. Great one-two straight through Molina's protect from Conlan. Molina is simply winging huge snares now, and he's beginning to hint at harm. 

Cycle 4: Conlan keeps well out of scope of Molina's huge snares. He peppers Molina with a couple of right straights to the sanctuary. Conlan is tossing less shots all through this round, for the most part peppering Molina with a correct straight. Conlan has never been this somewhere down in a battle since turning star, yet he looks fine. Nothing energizing in this round, simply all the more ring control and strong punches from Conlan. 

Cycle 5: Decent left straight from Conlan lands ideal on the jaw. Enormous right snare to the body from Conlan. Conlan is cautioned for low blows, as it's the second of the session. Conlan stuns Molina with a firm left uppercut, yet he remains on his feet. Another left uppercut from Conlan. A couple of solid lefts to the body from Conlan. The round arrives at an end. 

Cycle 6: Conlan holds his hands down — he knows he's won this battle. Molina approaches and handles a pleasant body shot, yet there's no warmth on it any longer. Conlan interfaces with a major ideal to the body. Left straight to the face, at that point another to the body. He's drifting now, and Molina is by all accounts, as well. Straight left to the chest from Conlan. Immense overhand appropriate from Molina that Conlan evades. The battle arrives at an end. Christopher Diaz def. Bryant Cruz by means of Technical knockout in Cycle 3 

Cycle 1: Cruz tosses a major left straight that snaps Diaz's head back ahead of schedule, however it was more a shock than an enormous shot. Huge high-low combo from Diaz, interfacing with a hard left to the body and a short right straight. He jump starts in the wake of eating a major straight from Cruz, another enormous body blow. Cruz comes in on him, eats a short right, and dro

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